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TIER Mobility comes to Belgium and launches e-scooters in Brussels

After more than 175 successful launches worldwide, the German company TIER Mobility is also coming to Belgium. As of today, 2,000 e-scooters are an affordable and sustainable mobility solution for the Brussels traffic user. And that is just the beginning, because the 100% climate neutral mobility player also has plans for a multimodal offer (which it already has today in numerous European cities) and for launching in other Belgian cities.

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TIER acquires Wind Mobility Italy and launches in several cities

TIER, Europe’s leading micro-mobility operator, today announces its acquisition of Vento Mobility Srl, the Italian subsidiary of Wind Mobility. This marks TIER’s entry to the Italian market and, as of now, the first TIER e-scooters will be available on the streets of Bari and Palermo. In the coming days and weeks, other Italian cities will follow. The Berlin-based company TIER is already present in more than 165 cities in 18 countries and plans to expand further in 2022 in order to continue its mission to Change Mobility for Good..


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